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The whole philosophy behind AYA&IDA is consideration of our dearest, and the opportunities or limitations there will be for the next generations, if we continue our consumption carelessly.

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It is easier now than it ever has been, to be on the go with consideration for the environment. Our CUP2GO is functional, beautiful, and also a sustainable alternative to single-use cups with plastic lids. With the CUP2GO, our mission is to inspire our customers to make earth friendly decisions in their everyday lives.

The CUP2GO has many functionalities and with its practical lid, that easily opens and closes with one hand, it can be used for anything - bringing coffee with you from home, or from your local coffee shop, to school or work, the options are endless! The cup holds 100% tight, so you can safely store it in your bag without it spilling.

With the CUP2GO, you do not have to worry about BPA, chemicals or endocrine disruptors. It is 100% free from chemicals!

The CUP2GO is dishwasher safe and fits under most coffee machines and in most cup holders.

"Your drinking bottle is such an impressive product. It can be 36 degrees on my holiday and get so hot that I can not hold it ... while the water is still ice cold, as in ICE cold (also hours later)"


"Food'ie is truly the answer to our prayers. We have now, for the first time in years, got an empty "lunch box" home and a child who likes to eat the food she brings to school. So it's amazing!"


"Have tried many kinds of drinking bottles. Guaranteed the best I have tried and nice design."


"I use the bottles for hot and cold water when I'm on the go with my little son. Then I can always make a bottle for him with the right temperature. They are so good and at the same time so beautiful"


"Their products are amazing and keep their promises. My 2 boys get hot food at school every day in Food'ie and cold water in the drinking bottle."


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